IGoShow Digital Signage
iGoshow Back-Office comes with a big selection of templates to help you to easily create an impactful digital, multi-screen presentation. You can select landscape or portrait mode display for your custom presentation. Take pictures/videos and upload directly from your mobile phone or from iGoShow Back-Office software. Schedule your play plans and monitor each display screen with your mobile phone or iGoShow Back-Office software.

Applications for the IGoShow Digital Signage Broadcast Display System include:

• Menu Boards for Restaurants
• New product promotion for fashion stores

LED Displays

Our LED displays can create dynamic messaging for you. Wouldn’t you rather have a sign or display that lets you rotate through different messages, show every imaginable colour, and even show videos, presentations and live streams?

Transform the look of your business or special events with our LED displays. Perfect for retail businesses, car dealerships, nightclubs and dealerships and much more. Our LED displays are vivid, energy efficient, easy to install, and even portable!

Give us a call, we will get your message across dynamically and economically!